EDITORIAL: His Excellency Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of the United Mexican States



By Armando Garcia

Editor and Founder of Nuestra America Magazine

As His Excellency, President of the United Mexican States, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was welcomed in Washington. Such a term, without a doubt, was a bucket of cold water to AMLO’s adversaries, both inside and outside Mexico.

Such an adjective, is undoubtedly of respect to the presidential figure of a person who fought hard in his political career to get to occupy the Mexican National Palace and start a transformation so needed in the country, which is acceptable by the Mexican neoliberal rightwing, the bourgeoisie, the capitalists, considered as classists and racists, who have demonstrated a negative campaign against AMLO, to the point of launching death threats against him and his relatives.

AMLO’s visit to the White House gives a lesson to presidents considered leftist in Latin America. AMLO in 2017 listed Donald Trump as a «neo-fascist» for his expressions against the US Mexican migrant population and even filed international lawsuits against the White House.

But already in power, AMLO, instead of launching himself against Trump, preferred to be kind and friendly with Trump, and it seems his approach has worked for him, the two leaders get along very well. This means that it is no longer a time of fighting against the arrogant empire, but of speaking as equals, filing rough edges between the two countries and move along.

Donald Trump will never be a friend of Mexicans, but for the benefit of the countries that make up the USMCA, he has to sit down to negotiate with AMLO so that the United States is commercially successful not only in the times of the pandemic and in the long term . The USMCA is considered the largest and most important trade agreement in the world.

AMLO, had a strategic error in not meeting with representatives of Mexican immigrants in the USA, a meeting that could well have been held on Mexican Embassy  the Friday after his visit to the White House.

Since immigrants are extremely interested in issues such the border wall, the future of DACA dreamers, immigration reform and immigrant rights violations in the United States, among other issues. All that, even if AMLO says he thought or that he spoke to Trump about them, it was not enough. The Mexican people in the US wanted to see, talk, greet, and shake hands with their president.

The conventional Mexican media covering the visit, with the exception of the social networks of the Fourth Transformation; they were more concerned about AMLO’s adversaries, rather than the presence Mexican immigrants, known in Mexico as the «living heroes», who traveled from different parts of the US to be part of history and see AMLO even if it was from far away.

During the signing of joint agreements between the two countries, AMLO reaffirmed that he thanks Trump for respect in seeing Mexico as an independent nation and not as a colony. He also thanked Trump provided to combat the pandemic by sending medicals supplies. AMLO also made historical references spanning the 19th century with the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Benito Juárez.

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